• We all know that the temperature, vibration, cleanliness, etc. of the slewing bearing can affect the operation of the bearing. In fact, another factor that affects slewing bearings is moisture. It is not so much the effect of moisture on the bearing as the danger of moisture to the bearing. So what is the effect of moisture on slewing bearings? What to do with waterproofing work? The following is a summary of Zhiyuan for everyone. Let's take a look together.


  • After using Slewing Ring Bearing for a period of time, various problems such as noise, vibration, and temperature rise will occur. In this case, in order to prolong the bearing life, the Slewing Ring Bearing must be regularly maintained, so as to prolong the service life of the Slewing Ring Bearing.


  • Slewing bearings are mostly used in ferris wheels, excavators and other rotating machinery. The wide application reflects that the working load of slewing bearings is relatively high. Many problems will occur when using slewing bearings under high load work.


  • how to judge the authenticity of the Slewing Ring Bearing? How is the judgment method? Today Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearings supplier is here to talk to you about the true and false of the Slewing Ring Bearing. Hope to help you all.


  • The corresponding slewing bearings will inevitably have some problems when they are used. Unsmooth operation is one of the common problems. So what's the matter with the slewing bearing not running smoothly? If not flexible, how to solve it? The following is the summary made by Zhiyuan factory for you. Let's take a look together.


  • The Slewing Ring Bearing point is an indispensable part of mechanical products. If the rotation of the Slewing Ring Bearing point is inflexible and the machine is underpowered and may not work properly, what is the reason for the difficulty in turning the Slewing Ring Bearing? how to fix.


  • Small geometric errors, usually the smaller the bearing surface roughness, the smoother the surface, and the better the bearing performance. The following briefly describes the effect of the roughness of the Slewing Ring Bearing surface on the bearing. There are also ways to improve bearing surface finish.


  • Anti-rust treatment on the bearing surface before use can also improve the brightness of the Slewing Ring Bearing surface. brightness. Now let me explain how Slewing Ring Bearing improves surface brightness. What are the methods?


  • After the size of the bearing gear is clarified, some bearing fit and selectivity issues will also have corresponding reference data. The following explains what the Slewing bearing coefficient represents and how to calculate it when choosing. What does the module of the Slewing bearing point mean?


  • The material of the Slewing Ring Bearing directly determines the performance and service life of the bearing. At present, most of the bearing main structure materials on the market are bearing steel, which has corrosion resistance and stability. Of course, in addition to bearing steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials are often used. In addition, the sealing ring and cage of the bearing may be different from the bearing body material.


  • Slewing Ring Bearing is suitable for many fields such as construction machinery, ships, and wind power. Slewing Ring Bearing has relatively high requirements on materials. After all, it is used for large-scale mechanical engineering equipment, so good materials must be selected to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. So what are the commonly used materials in Slewing Ring Bearing? Introduced by Yantai Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing manufacturer today.


  • Slewing Ring and Slewing Ring Bearing, two products with different names, are often confused by people. Is there a difference? Now, it's up to Yantai Zhiyuan to explain Slewing Ring Point and Slewing Ring Bearing.