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  • Four-point contact ball bearing, also known as Single Row Ball Slewing Bearing, is a separable bearing, or a set of angular contact bearings that can withstand bidirectional axial loads.


  • ZhiYuan's four-point contact ball bearings have deep-bottomed shoulders (fig) on half of the two inner rings. When this four-point contact ball bearing is used with SKF cylindrical roller bearings, the oil flow is increased. In addition, these deep concave bottoms can also be used to hold the puller when disassembling the four-point contact ball bearing.


  • The slewing bearing ring is an important component of the bearing. The quality of the slewing bearing ring is directly related to the working performance and service life of the bearing. The material of the slewing bearing ring also has a great influence on the stiffness of the bearing. Ring roller fractures or other failures can directly affect the overall performance of the bearing. So this time, I will work with Yantai Zhiyuan factory to understand the reason for the cracking of the slewing bearing ring.


  • Each component has basic structural construction and associated composition principles. This is especially true for mechanical parts called swivel supports. Today, Yantai Zhiyuan factory Slewing Ring introduces the basic structure and composition principle of Slewing Ring in detail.


  • The above is the "classification of slewing bearings and factors to consider when selecting", Yantai Zhiyuan factory is a dedicated manufacturer of slewing bearings, integrating design, manufacturing, and research and development. The company has strong technical force, strong production capacity, and complete testing equipment. , If you have other questions about the slewing bearing, you can leave us a message.


  • The harm caused by installation errors and improper use to amusement facilities cannot be ignored. So how to install the slewing bearing of large amusement equipment? Below, Yantai Zhiyuan factory will introduce the installation method of slewing bearing for large amusement facilities.


  • The slewing bearing is widely used in the real industry, and is called "the joint of the machine". The application scope of the slewing bearing is also very wide, especially in large-scale machinery and equipment, which shows its importance. Yantai Zhiyuan factory will introduce to you the main application scope of the lower slewing bearing.


  • The intrusion of dust and impurities in mechanical operations is inevitable. As a slewing bearing applied to large or heavy machinery, the slewing bearing itself has mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, but it is still affected by complex environments. Once the maintenance is improper, it is very likely that debris will enter the slewing bearing with the rotation of the mechanical parts, increase the friction between the slewing bearing and related accessories, form a phenomenon of activity jam, and may even cause the machine to stop running.


  • It is related to its own production materials, such as the hardness of rotary bearing steel, etc. The following editors from Zhiyuan will introduce to you the factors that affect the fatigue life of bearing steel.


  • Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust often appears in bearings installed in closed equipment, generally manifested as rust inside the bearing and a strong paint smell. Bearing paint rust is a frequent problem, which may affect the normal rotation and service life of the bearing. So how does bearing paint rust form, and how to prevent it every day? Let's find out with China Yantai Zhiyuan factory.


  • Slewing Ring Bearing is also called slewing bearing. Slewing ring bearings are widely used in machinery, such as excavators, disassemblers, stackers and reclaimers, graders, road rollers, and roadheaders. Not only that, but also in new energy It also has its application in equipment, amusement equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc. So, what is the working principle and working method of Slewing Ring Bearing? Now let us introduce you to the Slewing Ring Bearing aspect.


  • Now, Yantai Zhiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain to you the precautions for loading, unloading, storage and transportation of slewing bearings, so that when you encounter such problems in the future, you will try to avoid unnecessary troubles.