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Five common uses of turntable slewing bearings


The turntable slewing bearing is a large bearing with special structure that can bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment and other comprehensive loads at the same time, and integrates various functions such as support, rotation, transmission and fixation. Its function is to connect the upper and lower parts of the machine together, and at the same time, it is used to support the weight of the upper part and the load generated when the machine works, and to make the upper part of the machine rotate relative to the lower part (or the lower part rotates relative to the upper part). It has a very wide range of uses in all walks of life. Now we will mainly introduce five common uses of slewing bearings for turntables.


slewing bearings


1. Robots: industrial robots and other equipment. The turntable slewing bearing is installed at the joint part of the robot, and this structure can realize the incredibly tight rotation movement.


2. Solar power: Rotating solar panels are a great solution for increasing energy.


3. Medical equipment: high-precision, low-noise, long-life, and high-reliability series of medical equipment spindle turntable rotary bearings have been widely used in large medical equipment such as gamma knives, CT machines, and nuclear magnetic resonance machines.


4. Trailer: This type of turntable slewing bearing is used in many occasions, among which important applications are in the transportation industry, agricultural trailers, irrigation systems and airport luggage racks. In vehicle applications, it transmits the axial load, radial load and torque of the bearing. In other applications, they mostly transmit axial loads.


5. Wind power: The rotary bearing of wind turbine turntable usually includes yaw bearing, pitch bearing, transmission system bearing (main shaft and gearbox bearing). The yaw bearing is installed at the connection between the tower and the cockpit, and the pitch bearing is installed at the connection between the root of each blade and the hub. Each wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearing and three sets of pitch bearing.


slewing bearings


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