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How is the wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing? Causes and Countermeasures


After the Slewing Ring Bearing has been used for a long time, failures such as wear and tear are inevitable. Slewing Ring Bearing wear will not only affect the bearing experience, but also shorten bearing life. So how is the wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing? How to solve it? Below is the answer given by Zhiyuan. Let's take a look together.


1. Analysis of the causes of wear and tear


The basic forms of wear are fatigue wear, adhesive wear, abrasive (particle) wear, fretting wear, and corrosion wear. The main reasons for these wear and tear are as follows:


1). Foreign body invasion.


First of all, the environment in which the bearing operates is more complicated, but this is beyond our control. Foreign objects such as dust and impurities are prone to appear during work. Once inside the bearing through a poorly sealed device (or seal), the bearing will wear out over time, easily affecting normal operation.


2). Improper lubrication


Improper lubrication is a major cause of bearing problems. Many failures such as rust, scratches, etc. are related to the use of lubricants, as are failures such as wear of the turntable bearings. Impurities in the lubricating oil are not filtered, poor lubrication methods, improper selection of lubricants, deterioration of lubricants, etc. will cause bearing wear.


3). The material particles fall off.


The structure of the Slewing Bearing is still not simple. There are a lot of parts on it, and these parts are very easy to loose during use or if any phenomenon is not dealt with in time. When working under abnormal conditions, part of the material particles on the parts will fall off, and if they fall on the bearing surface, bearing wear can easily occur.


4). Corrosion


Corrosion caused by condensed water caused by temperature changes in bearing use, corrosive properties of additives in lubricants, etc. Rust corrosion is also one of the more common faults in bearings. However, if the bearing is rusted, if it is not dealt with in time, the friction of the bearing will increase when it is running, and the bearing wear will also increase.


What's the matter with the wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing?


2. wear countermeasures


1). Wear and tear countermeasures


A small clearance or interference fit can be used to reduce fretting wear during use. Lubrication with a thin lubricant or separate packing between the rings and rolling elements can reduce fretting wear during transportation. In addition, the bearing can be stored in a vibration-free environment, and the inner and outer rings of the bearing can be separated and stored to prevent fretting wear during storage.


2). Adhesive wear countermeasures


It can be solved by improving the machining accuracy and improving the lubrication effect. If the user needs to pay more attention to these issues when designing the machining precision production, it is to improve the lubrication effect. Therefore, when using lubricating oil, pay more attention to the type and usage of lubricating oil.


3). Polishing (particle) wear countermeasures


It can improve the bearing sealing structure, improve the machining accuracy of parts, ensure the quality of lubricating oil filtration, and reduce the surface damage during manufacturing and use through surface strengthening treatment, surface lubrication treatment (such as sulfurization, phosphating, surface aging film coating, etc.) and other methods to solve.


4). Corrosion and wear countermeasures


First of all, in the environment where the bearing is used, it is necessary to reduce the intrusion of corrosive materials, prevent the surface of parts from corroding, or use corrosive materials to manufacture products. In addition, improvements can also be made in terms of product structure design and manufacturing, including improving the machining accuracy of parts, reducing the metamorphic layer generated during grinding, and ensuring an elastic fluid fluid lubricating film, etc.


The above is the whole content of the Slewing Ring Bearing wear, wear causes and solutions summarized by Zhiyuan. The reasons for the wear of the Slewing Ring Bearing include foreign matter intrusion, material particles falling off, improper lubrication, rust and other common countermeasures, including improving the machining accuracy, improving the lubrication effect, and isolating storage. If you have any questions in the actual operation, you can contact Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing factory by phone.