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How Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust is formed, and how to prevent paint rust


Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust often appears in bearings installed in closed equipment, generally manifested as rust inside the bearing and a strong paint smell. Bearing paint rust is a frequent problem, which may affect the normal rotation and service life of the bearing. So how does bearing paint rust form, and how to prevent it every day? Let's find out with China Yantai Zhiyuan factory.


Slewing Ring Bearing


a. Causes of Slewing Ring Bearing Paint Rust


Generally, the bearing with paint rust is generally on the end face near the inner side of the motor, and will be seriously rusted. The grease near the edge of the inner and outer rings will first deteriorate, generally yellowish brown. The reason for the formation of bearing paint rust refers to the fact that during the bearing paint rust test, it was found that the severity of bearing paint rust was closely related to the humidity. Most of the paint rust occurs in the south or the coast to coincide with the imagination of the annual rainy season.


1. The stator drying is incomplete;


3. Motor bearings are sealed and packaged in storage;


2. The climate environment is high temperature and high humidity;


3. The severity of paint rust mainly depends on the composition of the paint base;


4. Prevention of paint rust (bearing seal and rust prevention, type of grease).


b. Prevention method of Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust


The prevention of Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust must be based on its mechanism, from the design and manufacture of the motor, insulation and bearings. We organize the preventive measures as follows:


1. Using sealed bearings;


2. Avoid complete sealing and open vents as much as possible;


3. When selecting grease, use mineral oil as the base oil;


4. To ensure the drying time of insulating paint in the manufacture of traditional Chinese medicine, after the stator is dried, it should be placed in a ventilated place for natural ventilation, so that the paint gas can be completely released, and the stator should follow the principle of first-in, first-out during use;


5. During the storage process of the warehouse, it is not close to the walls and corners, and pallets are used on the ground to ensure ventilation, and the humidity should be less than 70%RH as far as possible;


6. Use stable insulating varnishes that do not escape low molecular acid (such as epoxy solvent-free insulating varnishes), and produce them in strict accordance with the production process requirements.


Slewing Ring Bearing


The above is about the reasons for the formation of Slewing Ring Bearing paint rust, and how to prevent paint rust. Once Slewing Ring Bearing has paint rust, it should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid the bearing paint rust affecting the running performance of the bearing. The device is functioning normally. Our Yantai Zhiyuan factory produces various types of Slewing bearing, small bearing, Slewing Ring Bearing. Please leave us a message or call us for consultation, thank you.