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How to clean up the contamination of slewing bearing


The intrusion of dust and impurities in mechanical operations is inevitable. As a slewing bearing applied to large or heavy machinery, the slewing bearing itself has mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing devices, but it is still affected by complex environments. Once the maintenance is improper, it is very likely that debris will enter the slewing bearing with the rotation of the mechanical parts, increase the friction between the slewing bearing and related accessories, form a phenomenon of activity jam, and may even cause the machine to stop running. This requires the operation and management personnel to be proficient in cleaning methods, and to clean up the impurities inside the slewing bearing in time to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.


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How to clean up the contamination of slewing bearing? The dust deposited in the raceway of the slewing bearing cannot be cleaned, resulting in blockage of the oil filling pipeline and the roller stuck in the raceway. Use temporarily added auxiliary equipment to inject high-pressure descaling liquid into the slewing bearing, and through repeated rotation, the friction pairs of the slewing bearing are moved relative to each other, and the grease and dust deposited in the raceway are cleaned up. After cleaning, inject oil into the slewing bearing to clean up the descaling liquid.


At the same time, we should regularly check the related accessories of the slewing bearing. The damage of the protective accessories or the intrusion of impurities caused by improper use of lubricating oil will cause great consumption of the slewing bearing and shorten the service life. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, we should always pay attention to the abnormal situation of the slewing bearing.


How to clean up the contamination of slewing bearing


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