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How to disassemble the Slewing Ring Bearing? Bearing disassembly method and precautions


The two indispensable parts in the bearing use process are the installation and disassembly of the bearing. Bearings need to be disassembled when bearing life is approaching near-close values, or when replacement is required for various reasons. So, how to remove the Slewing Ring Bearing? The following introduces the method and precautions of Zhiyuan factory to decompose the bearing.


How to disassemble the Slewing Ring Bearing


1. Decomposition method of Slewing Ring Bearing


1. Normal interval fitting.


If the support size is properly designed, the bearing clearance fit can be knocked or pulled out by the directional fit unless excessive deformation or rust occurs. If a copper rod or other soft metal smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing is used on the shaft end, it can be disassembled by lightly tapping it with a hammer. Alternatively, the bearing can be pulled out slowly using a special pulling force.


2. Inner loop interference


For bearing removal, the tool cannot be separated. The universal tool of choice for small sized Slewing Ring Bearings is a puller. Divided into screw and hydraulic. The thread puller is a common tool for aligning the center screw with the center hole of the shaft, smearing a small amount of grease on the center hole of the shaft, hooking the end of the inner ring of the bearing, and pulling out the bearing when the center rod is twisted with a wrench. Hydraulic hair clips use hydraulics instead of screws, and when pressure is applied, if the middle piston keeps popping, the bearing will continue to pull, faster than traditional threaded hair clips, and the hydraulics can back up quickly. Quick-release hydraulics are also available if a large number of small bearings need to be removed.


3. Outer ring interference fit.


If the bearing outer ring has an interference fit, remove the bearing when the outer ring shoulder diameter cannot be smaller than the required support diameter of the bearing. In the bearing design stage, it can be considered to leave 2-3 grooves at the bearing bracket stair position, which has a force point on the human claws and can be easily removed. In the case of large bearing or large amount of interference, flexible coil induction heating method can be used to heat and decompose the outer diameter of the hot box, using the principle of thermal expansion and cold shaft.


Model of tooth structure in double row ball with same diameter


2. Precautions for disassembly of Slewing Ring Bearing


1. Do not cross the outer ring to avoid excessive loosening or damage to the bearing.


2. When using tension, make sure that the screw is aligned with the center hole of the shaft and cannot be crooked. Also pay attention to the force of the hook and bearing, be careful not to damage the hook and bearing, and be careful not to let the hook slip.


3. Protect the shaft when using the heating method. To prevent the bearing from thermal expansion, only the bearing shell hole can be heated during the heating process, and the bearing cannot be heated.


4. Pay attention to personal protection during the decomposition process to prevent accidents such as injuries and burns.


How to disassemble the Slewing Ring Bearing? Bearing disassembly method and precautions


The above is the introduction of Yantai Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing supplier on how to remove the Slewing Ring Bearing, including how to remove the bearing and precautions. If the bearing needs to be used twice during the replacement process, pay attention to details to prevent deformation and damage to the bearing. In addition, Zhiyuan Slip Ring Bearing has many years of bearing production experience, and has a variety of products such as rotary supports, rotary drives, and spur gear drives. If necessary, please leave us a message.