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How to judge the authenticity of the Slewing Ring Bearing?


Slewing Ring Bearings are widely used in Ferris wheels, excavators and other equipment, but the fake Slewing Ring Bearings that have appeared in recent years are very different from actual bearings in terms of quality and service life, which is distressing. So, how to judge the authenticity of the Slewing Ring Bearing? How is the judgment method? Today Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearings supplier is here to talk to you about the true and false of the Slewing Ring Bearing. Hope to help you all.


Slewing Ring Bearing


a. General form of false bearing


1. The bearing raw materials are adulterated.


Common false Slewing Ring Bearings are generally made of iron and carbon steel (hardness is not enough), and scrap bearings are repaired (accuracy is not enough). Generally, the better bearings are made of bearing steel, stainless steel, etc., and the fake bearings are made of iron and carbon steel. The accuracy and hardness of the bearing cannot be satisfied, and it is easy to rust during use, which affects the bearing life.


2. Fake factory products.


(1) Fake name and packaging: some inferior Slewing Ring Bearing enterprises use inferior bearings and small factory bearings as the names of large manufacturers, and forge the internal and external packaging and qualification certificates of large manufacturers' products. People buy bearings from big factories that are reliable, so they want to rest assured, but the products they buy are not actual products, but fake ones, so the quality and after-sales of products produced by such factories are worrying.


(2) Fake merchants: users, distributors, agents of fake manufacturers, and even the spot market of fake manufacturers. This kind of sales is blatantly deceiving consumers. The quality of products purchased in such places is obviously inferior to that of regular factories.


3. Price gap


The basic tactic is to swap regular-grade bearings for lower-grade ones, and then mix knockoffs in the factory cargo. Counterfeit sales price, low-level price sales, using counterfeit prices. Customers want cheap stuff, they give imitations; they want good quality stuff, they give originals.


b. The method of judging the true and false of the Slewing Ring Bearing


1. Understand the Slewing Ring Bearing


It is very important to have knowledge of Slewing Ring Bearing. Knowing more common or well-known bearings can effectively avoid choosing inferior bearing products from second-tier small factories during the purchase process. Bearings that many people know are also good quality assurance. Before making a manufacturer selection, you must confirm in detail the specifications of the bearing products you need. Appropriate bearing specifications can not only effectively prolong the service life of bearings, but also be an effective method to prevent safety accidents.


2. Determine where to buy


Once the details related to the Slewing Ring Bearing are determined, it is the choice of the place of purchase. There are two different approaches to purchasing here. First, go directly to the Slewing Ring Bearing manufacturer to buy it. Second, manufacturers with good customer evaluations, so it is also a very good way to choose an agent or sales company with good evaluations.


3. Superficial judgment


(1) Judgment of cleanliness: For friends who buy imported bearings. The current anti-rust technology has not yet reached home, so it is easy to leave thick traces when the anti-rust treatment is performed on the bearing body, the hands are sticky and sticky, and there are almost no traces of anti-rust oil on the imported bearings. But a particularly attentive expert said that imported bearings have a peculiar smell. Apparently, the listening oil had come down, it was just invisible.


(2) Check by the new printer: There are special labels printed on the bearing body of the turntable. The fonts are small, but most of the factory production uses steel printing technology, which is often embossed before overheating, so the fonts are small, but deeply recessed and very clear. Not only is the font on the knockoff blurry, but the typography is rough and the font floats on the surface, so some things are easy to wipe off by hand.


(3) External packaging design inspection: Under normal circumstances, the factory will arrange professional designers to design external packaging, and produce through the factory with production conditions, so the packaging is very clear and unambiguous from lines to color blocks. Parts packaging has a unique design to protect its intellectual property.


4. Voice judgment.


The sound judgment inspection method is to hold the turntable bearing with the left hand, turn it gently, and listen for noise. Most of the imitation products have backward production conditions and are completely manual. During the production process, impurities such as sand are mixed in and hidden in the bearings, so there will be noises when rotating.


The above content summarizes how to judge the authenticity of the Slewing Ring Bearing, the whole content of the judgment method, the method of judging the authenticity of the Slewing Bearing, the understanding of the Slewing Ring Bearing, determining the place of purchase, judging the cleanliness, just checking the printer, checking the packaging design, judging the sound Wait. Through the understanding of the above methods, we have all learned the method of judging the authenticity of the Slewing Ring Bearing. The Slewing Ring Bearings produced by Zhiyuan factory can withstand the test in this regard. If you need it, you can contact us by phone.