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How to know if the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used?


Slewing Ring Bearings are very commonly used in many industries, play an important role, and are widely used in transportation, construction machinery and military products. But as a Slewing Ring Bearing user, there are still many questions in the work process. For example, if you don't know how to judge whether the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used when there is a problem with the bearing, today, Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing factory will introduce how to judge whether the bearing can continue to be used. I hope everyone has to help.


How to know if the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used?


a. How to determine whether the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used.


1. Eyes see


(1) Check whether the bearing base is loose. Looseness of the bearing base can be found when the paint on the bearing base is cracked and the tile engagement marks above and below the bearing are not moving properly. If it is loose, it can be tightened in the correct way. This phenomenon can continue to be used.


(2) Defects of vitality: Defects of vitality include scorching, bleeding, falling off, foreign matter, dust, cracks, etc. If this phenomenon occurs, the bearing is already in a state that cannot work normally. In this way, the accuracy and life of the bearing will be affected, and it cannot continue to be used.


2. The ears listen


(1) Normal sound: The sound of electricity, the action of the contactor, the rotation of the motor, and the electromagnetic sound of the transformer all have their own normal sounds. If the ear can't hear any abnormal sound other than this sound, it is preliminarily judged that the inside of the bearing is not too damaged, and it can continue to be used.


(2) Abnormal sounds: After getting used to normal sounds, it is easy to find abnormalities after comparison. Some stop devices, such as plug-in boards and connectors, have no sound, but are often caused by poor contact, loose screws, loose connections, excessive current, etc., so pay attention when you hear any "pop" sound. At this time, if the damaged position of the bearing can be partially replaced, it must continue to be used. If a partial replacement does not solve the problem, the Slewing Ring Bearing can no longer be used.


3. The nose smells


The nose odor method mainly checks for abnormal odors caused by soot, etc. For example, common electrical equipment does not emit strange odors, so it is easy to produce strange odors, relays and motor coils have inter-turn short circuits or insulation aging and burning. Fire is prone to occur after such a situation occurs, so it is necessary to quickly find abnormal points and stop them when necessary. It is good to continue to use it after it is concluded that the abnormal point is eliminated. If it cannot continue to be used, the bearing should be replaced.


How to know if the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used?


4. Touch by hand


(1) Touch temperature: After using the Slewing Ring Bearing, you can touch the bearing temperature for a period of time. Generally, the working temperature of the Slewing Ring Bearing will increase with the working time of the bearing, but there is an appropriate range. In the appropriate range, if it represents a normal column, it can continue to be used. If it becomes noticeably hot, the bearing will be damaged and cannot continue to be used.


(2) Touch dust: The accumulation of dust can be felt by hand. If the surface of the Slewing Ring Bearing can come into contact with dust, it is necessary to confirm whether the dust affects the bearing shape. If the bearing surface is damaged, it cannot be used further. If the surface is not damaged, you can remove the dust and continue to use. As can be seen from the above content, if there are problems such as bearing heating and abnormal sound, we can only replace the bearing. This increases production costs. So how to extend the life of the bearing? Let's take a look at the following.


b. Methods of prolonging the life of the Slewing Ring Bearing


1. Correct installation


(1) Use the correct installation method. The installation of the Slewing Ring Bearing directly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the bearing must be installed in the correct way. During installation, attention should be paid to the pre-cleaning of the bearing and the filling of lubricating oil.


(2) Inspection after installation: After the bearing is installed, in order to ensure the correct installation, check the foreign body, scar, indentation caused by poor operation, poor installation, too small gap, installation error, torque caused by sealing friction, etc.


2. Pay attention to maintenance


(1) Keep it clean: Even if it enters the fine dust invisible to the naked eye, the wear, vibration and noise of the Slewing Ring Bearing will increase. Bearings and surrounding accessories should also be kept clean, especially dust and dirt, tools and working environment.


(2) Use with care: When directly touching the turntable bearing with hands, fully wash the sweat on your hands, apply high-quality mineral oil and operate, and pay special attention not to rust in the rainy season and summer. In addition, we should always pay attention to the lubrication of the bearing. Lubrication has a great influence on the bearing. There are many reasons related to improper bearing lubrication when the bearing fails. Therefore, we should always pay attention to the lubrication of the bearing to ensure the lubrication effect.


(3) Error check: If the bearing has a strong metallic sound, the solution is to select the appropriate assembly clearance and preload. Improve the shaft machining accuracy and improve the installation method. Replenish or use a suitable lubricant. When regular noise occurs, solutions include cleaning related parts, using clean grease, replacing bearings, etc.


3. Reasonable dismantling


Decomposition must follow basic rules, and special decomposition tools and corresponding decomposition methods must be used. If the bearing and shaft fit snugly and loosely in the seat hole, you can remove the bearing and shaft together from the housing, then use a press or other disassembly tool to remove the bearing from the shaft.


The above is the "method of judging whether the Slewing Ring Bearing can continue to be used". If the turntable bearing is found to be loose, defective, abnormal sound, abnormal smell, reach out to touch high temperature, dust, etc., you can judge whether it can continue to be used. Only when we make practical judgments can we have the next steps to deal with. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing manufacturers, and I will give you a more satisfactory answer.