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The reason why the slewing bearing is inflexible


Many slewing bearings require high operating accuracy of the bearing during use. Poor flexibility can affect the operation of the equipment. Why is the slewing bearing inflexible? Let China yanantai Zhiyuan factory explain to you now.


The reason why the slewing bearing is inflexible


a. The idling of the slewing bearing is not smooth


1. Check the production date of the split bearing. For a long time, the climate is relatively cold, the viscosity of the grease in the drum is high, and the operation is not smooth, which may be prominent in winter in cold regions.


2. The solution for the unsmooth idling of the newly assembled rotating section bearing product: it can work after applying force, and it can be used normally if there is no other abnormality. For example, check the joints for serious trauma during transport.


b. It does not run smoothly after assembly


1. Excluded because the mounting surface of the main engine does not match the mounting surface of the split bearing, can the axial clearance of the split bearing after installation be unable to compensate for the deformation of the split bearing? The split bearing is in a negative clearance state, and it is difficult for the drum to work inside the drum (sometimes accompanied by abnormal sound). The large and small gears are poorly meshed or there are foreign objects in the large and small gears.


2. The elimination method of the poor running flexibility of the bearing after reassembly.


(1) Reprocess the installation plane of the host to make the installation plane meet the requirements. Or deal with the shim faithful method.


(2) Readjust the gear meshing side clearance as needed, especially the gear runout position.


(3) Make sure that there is no foreign matter in the meshing position of the large and small gears.


(4) Replace the split bearing with a slightly larger spacing.


c. It does not run smoothly in daily use.


(1) Insufficient grease, please fill in as required.


(2) The sealing strip is damaged, and foreign objects enter the drum (such as poor use conditions, dust infiltration of the drum, etc.).


(3) Check for large gear meshing, foreign objects or broken teeth.


d. Affected by the weather, the operation is not smooth


In the case of excluding the unsmooth slewing bearing caused by the above situations, we also need to consider whether the weather is cold and the grease of the drum is viscous, and the work will not be good. In this case, applying force will work, and if nothing else is abnormal, it will function normally.


The reason why the slewing bearing is inflexible


The above is an introduction to the reasons why the slewing bearing is inflexible, and the measures we can take for these reasons. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. In addition, China Zhiyuan factory also produces various Slewing Ring Bearing. If necessary, welcome to contact us for wholesale order.