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What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing? Production and use of bearings


What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing? Specifically, various factors work together to affect the life of the bearing. Many of these factors are difficult to quantitatively express a direct relationship with bearing life, but in most cases, the side will also have a certain impact on bearing life. The following Yantai Zhiyuan factory specifically analyzes the factors affecting the life of the rotating support from the two aspects of bearing production and use.


What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing


a. Production


1. Structural design


The design structure of the swivel bearing includes rolling elements, inner and outer rings, and cages designed in terms of rolling element diameter, number of rolling elements, annular wall thickness, effective length of rolling contact, tightness, and convex shape and size of roller contact. It is also necessary to consider the influence of various factors such as the chemical composition of bearing production materials and oxides, impurities, and gases on bearing performance and life.


2. Processing technology


The impact of bearing processing technology on bearing performance and life is a more important part. In the process of bearing manufacturing and processing, parts hardness, metallographic structure, bearing working surface burn, collision and surface roughness, surface generatrix shape, annular wall thickness difference, part grouping difference, roller guide surface accuracy, bearing clearance, part crack, residual Magnetic and surface residual stress of parts also affect bearing life.


3. Assembly and transportation


Assembly and transportation are also important after the production of the various components of the swivel bearing. Assembly accuracy, spacing adjustment between parts, and control of installation details will affect the matching accuracy between bearing parts and directly affect the working performance of the bearing. At the same time, if the protection measures and the gap protection between the bearings are not paid attention to during transportation, collision deformation, corrosion and wear are prone to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate the anti-rust treatment and protect the packaging before the factory.


What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing


b. The use of


1. Carrying capacity


The bearing has its own load rating from production, and the load capacity is also measured. The bearing load capacity is affected by the bearing roller hardness, the roller radius of curvature, the depth of the hardened layer and the roller contact angle. This is basically determined when the bearing is produced. The basic performance of the bearing and the appearance of the bearing during use maintain a balanced load capacity. Long-term overload operation will affect the bearing life.


2. Bearing selection


In addition to the level of production and processing, the factors affecting bearing life are also related to daily use. I know that there are many types and models of bearings. The equipment applied to each type of equipment not only has different requirements for the bearing type, but also has different equipment requirements for the bearing performance. Through the correct selection of bearing type, size, load size, clearance, accuracy, etc., the equipment can be more suitable for the bearing and affect the bearing life.


3. Installation method


To install bearings on equipment, the dimensions and bit accuracy of the parts involved must be considered. Selecting the correct assembly tools and assembly methods can help reduce wear and deformation during bearing installation. During the installation process, pay attention to cleaning and lubricating the bearing parts and the bearing itself. Clearance adjustment, preload size, lubricant selection, and fill levels all affect bearing life. 2. Working environment.


The working environment of the bearing also has a certain influence on the bearing life. For example, in harsh, high temperature, polluted, many, etc. environments, the use of swivel supports may be more difficult. For example, dust and impurities enter the inside of the bearing to cause wear, water vapor, etc., cause corrosion to the bearing, and the pollution of grease or lubricating oil seriously affects the lubrication and anti-rust effect, etc., and the indoor life is longer than the ideal working environment.


4. Maintenance method


In addition to the above factors, the factors that affect the life of the swivel bearing are also important for the daily maintenance of the slewing bearing. Mainly refers to the lubrication of bearings, daily operation inspection, fault maintenance, etc. If lubrication is guaranteed, the average service life of the bearing can reach more than 5-10 years, and the poor lubrication state drops to about 3 months. Therefore, selecting the correct type of lubricant and filling the appropriate amount has positive significance for extending the bearing life. At the same time, the daily inspection and inspection of bearings cannot be ignored, and small problems should be dealt with in time to avoid deterioration and affect production.


What are the factors that affect the life of the slewing bearing


The above is a detailed introduction to the factors affecting the life of the rotary support. The production and use of bearings has the answer. Hope you can help me choose a slewing bearing better. If there are other problems in the selection and use of bearings, please feel free to inquire. Zhiyuan Slewing Ring Bearing Factory has rich production experience and can improve all aspects of technical support and product support. Looking forward to your messages.