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What is the reason for the deformation of the slewing bearing? Cause and Prevention


Slewing bearings are mostly used in ferris wheels, excavators and other rotating machinery. The wide application reflects that the working load of slewing bearings is relatively high. Many problems will occur when using slewing bearings under high load work. Bearing deformation is one of the more common problems. So what is the reason for the deformation of the slewing bearing? How to control the deformation of the slewing bearing? Today, the Slewing Ring Bearing supplier will introduce the problems related to the deformation of the slewing ring bearing. I hope everyone has to help.


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a. Reasons for the deformation of the slewing bearing


1. Bearing wear


Wear accompanies almost the entire life cycle of the machine, but this natural wear has a certain stability. However, a low or missing amount of lubricating oil can lead to rapid bearing wear, and this unnatural wear makes bearing damage irreversible. Through precise inspection, the complete repair can only be done by restoring the machining accuracy and straightness of the bearing.


2. Irregular installation


More attention is required during the installation of the slewing bearing, such as accurately calculating the interference amount of the rotating ring fit during the bearing installation process, or accurately calculating the proper fit of the fixed ring. In particular, when the slewing bearing works on machines such as excavators and Ferris wheels, the temperature tends to rise during the working process, so special attention should be paid not to make the fit of the rotating ring too loose. To prevent eccentric vibration, do not create a gap in the fit of the retaining ring. Prevents ring deformation and vibration under load and affects bearing life.


3. Frictional heat


During the working process of the slewing bearing, due to the load of the workpiece, the rolling of the bearing and the friction between the inner and outer rings, the temperature rises, and the thermal expansion causes the bearing to deform. If the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient and effective, such thermal deformation can be effectively suppressed. In the second case above, there is fear of dry wear due to lack of lubricant. In this state, not only the bearing rollers are worn out, but also a lot of frictional heat will occur, resulting in bearing damage and early failure.


What is the reason for the deformation of the slewing bearing?


b. Methods to prevent the deformation of the slewing bearing


1. Reasonable installation


(1) Keep hands clean and dry when taking out. The operator's hands must be clean and dry when removing the turntable bearing from its packaging. Sweat on your hands can rust, so wear gloves if necessary. But the gloves are recommended to use cotton gloves, the surface of the gloves is rough, do not scratch the bearing.


(2) Reasonable use of force: When installing the bearing, the installation force cannot be transmitted through the bearing rolling element. When installing, pay attention to the control force and avoid applying force directly above the bearing, thereby minimizing the damage to the bearing.


2. Correct lubrication


(1) Lubricant selection: When selecting a suitable grease for rolling bearings, factors such as bearing type, speed, operating temperature and load, installation position, sealing, shock and vibration, regulations and environmental requirements are usually considered. It is a suitable grease only if it meets these requirements.


(2) Grease addition method: Typical slewing ring bearing grease addition methods include oil mist lubrication, oil and gas lubrication, grease lubrication, spray lubrication, etc.


3. Make sure the slewing bearing is clean


(1) Bearing cleaning: When cleaning, first hold the inner ring of the bearing, and slowly turn the outer ring with the other hand until the oil of the bearing rolling elements, rollers and cages is completely cleaned. Then, the surface of the bearing outer ring should be cleaned. At the beginning of cleaning, turn slowly, shake back and forth, and do not turn too hard. Otherwise the rollers and rollers of the bearing can easily stick to the dirt.


(2) Isolation of impurities and dust: the bearing is easy to hide dirt. The working environment of the bearing itself is very complicated, so it is recommended to cover with a layer of grease after the bearing cleaning work is completed to play a sealing role. This reduces bearing contamination.


slewing bearing


The above is the entire content of the causes, causes and prevention methods of the slewing bearing deformation. The reasons for the deformation of the slewing bearing include installation irregularity, bearing wear, friction heat, etc. The corresponding preventive measures include reasonable installation, effective lubrication, and keeping clean. It can also be seen from these aspects that the use of slewing bearings is still very careful. If you have any questions, you can contact Zhiyuan factory. I will provide a more satisfying answer.