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What preparations should be made before installing the slewing bearing


Slewing bearing is also called Slewing Ring Bearing, and some people call it Slewing Ring. It is a new type of mechanical component. As a joint in mechanical equipment, it plays an important role in machinery and equipment. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, the application range of slewing bearings is becoming more and more extensive. Although the slewing bearing has been widely used, many people do not know it. After the slewing bearing is purchased, it needs to be installed. Now let Yantai Zhiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. explain to you what to do before installing the slewing bearing. Prepare, so that the slewing bearing can be better used.



What preparations should be made before installing the slewing bearing? There are a few points to note below.


1. Carefully read the manual of the slewing bearing.


2. Unpack the package and check the attached certificate and the superscript of the slewing bearing to confirm that it is consistent with the selected model.


3. Carefully check the appearance and confirm that the slewing bearing has not suffered any damage during transportation, such as serious bumping, deformation, etc. Check for the presence or absence of the soft band mark.


4. The mounting bracket must have sufficient rigidity to prevent the slewing bearing from being deformed due to insufficient rigidity of the bracket during the installation of the slewing bearing.


5. The installation plane must be clean and flat, without iron filings, burrs or other debris, and its plane must meet the requirements of the following table (single-row ball type).


6. High-strength bolts should be selected for the installation of the slewing bearing. Bolts and nuts should meet the requirements of GB3098.1 and GB3098.2 standards, and spring washers are prohibited.


What preparations should be made before installing the slewing bearing


The above is to introduce to you "what preparations should be done before installing the slewing bearing". The slewing bearing has low frictional resistance, compact structure, light weight, and can withstand torque from different directions at the same time, and has a wide range of applications. China Zhiyuan factory focuses on the production of high-quality slewing bearings. If you have related needs, please contact us for wholesale customization.