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What's the matter with the momentary interruption of the slewing bearing? Cause and Solution


Slewing bearings are used in many mechanical equipment, and like other bearings, there may be some problems when using them. For example, what happens if the slewing bearing is momentarily interrupted? How to solve the momentary interruption of the slewing bearing? The following is a summary of Zhiyuan for everyone. Let's take a look together.


Slewing bearings


a. The reason for the instantaneous fracture of the slewing bearing


1. Normal wear and tear


Normal wear refers to bearing life that is directly affected by the quality of the bearing itself. There is also the effect of uncontrollable forces during use. If you want to extend the life of the slewing bearing points to a certain extent, you should pay attention to purchasing high-quality bearings when purchasing.


2. Improper maintenance


(1) Not cleaned in time. First of all, the working environment of slewing bearings such as excavators is complex and uncontrollable. Dust, impurities and other foreign objects are prone to appear during the operation. Once they enter the inside of the bearing through a poorly sealed device (or sealing ring), the bearing is easy to wear and will appear when the wear reaches a certain limit.


(2) Insufficient lubrication: Insufficient lubrication is the main cause of slewing bearing problems. Many failures, such as rust, scratches, etc., are related to the use of lubricants, as are the failures of broken slewing bearings. Impurities in the lubricating oil are not filtered, the lubrication method is poor, the lubricant is not selected properly, and the lubricant deteriorates, etc., which will cause the bearing to crack.


(3) Corrosion: Condensed water caused by changes in bearing use temperature, corrosive properties of additives in lubricants, and even water contaminated by hands can cause bearing corrosion. Rust corrosion is also one of the more common faults in bearings. However, if the bearing is rusted, if it is not treated in time, the friction will increase when the bearing is running, and after a period of time, the bearing may break.


a. Preventive measures for instantaneous fracture of slewing bearing


1. Purchase suitable bearings.


To buy a good quality bearing, first look at the steel word on the bearing surface. Generally, the steel fonts produced by large factories are relatively clear, and the anti-blocking fonts are relatively blurred. If the outer packaging has a sense of design and the lines are clear, it means that it is produced by a large factory and the quality is not bad. There is also a way to see if the bearing is noisy, the new bearing does not have much noise. If there is an explanation.


2. Good maintenance.


(1) Timely cleaning: Although impurities are small, long-term accumulation will have a significant impact on bearing life. Therefore, it is necessary to check and clean the bearings in time. Bearing cleaning includes two stages, rough cleaning and fine cleaning. During rough cleaning, use a brush in oil to remove grease or adhesions. At this time, if rotating the bearing from oil, pay attention to the rolling surface caused by foreign matter, etc. When refining, slowly turn the bearing in the oil, doing so carefully. In addition, it is best to apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust paper to the bearing immediately after cleaning. This can be protective.


(2) Proper lubrication: First of all, it is necessary to clarify how to select the appropriate grease. The use of grease is a step-by-step process. If it is applied, it does not mean that the grease should be added and replaced in time in the daily use of the bearing. Lubricators filled in bearing arrangements gradually lose their lubricating properties due to increased mechanical action, ageing and contamination. Therefore, Greece must be constantly replenished and updated. The lubricating oil replenishment interval depends on the formation, size, rotation speed of the bearing, etc., and the approximate interval at which the grease needs to be replenished is determined according to the working time.


(3) Anti-rust oil paint: The methods of anti-rust oil paint include soaking method, brushing method, spray method, etc. The method of anti-rust oil paint is different and can be selected according to needs, but fire prevention and related protection measures should be taken during operation.


(4) Regular inspection and maintenance: Regular inspection refers to the inspection of individual components inside the bearing, regular inspection of equipment, inspection of bearings removed during operation inspection and replacement of peripheral components, to gradually judge whether they are reusable or used. If it is damaged, it should be determined whether the bearing can be used again according to the situation, and the decision should be made after considering the degree of bearing damage, mechanical properties, importance, working conditions, inspection cycle and other factors.


Slewing bearings


The above is the whole content of the instantaneous interruption of the slewing bearing, the reasons and the solutions summarized by Zhiyuan Slewing bearings factory. I have found that the reasons for the instantaneous breakage of the slewing bearing include normal wear and tear, not timely cleaning, improper lubrication, etc. It can be solved by purchasing suitable bearings and failing to lubricate correctly in time. In addition, in actual work, if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone at any time. Zhiyuan Slewing bearing factory is a rotary support enterprise with many types of models. Welcome to inquire. I will give you a more satisfactory answer.