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What's the matter with the slewing bearing not running smoothly? Cause and Solution


Slewing bearings are widely used in marine equipment, construction machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery and other industries. The corresponding slewing bearings will inevitably have some problems when they are used. Unsmooth operation is one of the common problems. So what's the matter with the slewing bearing not running smoothly? If not flexible, how to solve it? The following is the summary made by Zhiyuan factory for you. Let's take a look together.


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a. Reasons why the slewing bearing does not work


1. High working temperature


(1) Insufficient cooling: Insufficient cooling is usually manifested as pipe blockage, improper cooler selection, and poor cooling effect. Blockage of cooler fouling in the lubrication lines can worsen the cooling effect, especially in summer production. The time of the cooler is serious, the bearing temperature is too high, and the production site that often alarms can be met


(2) Improper installation: Improper installation is another important cause of bearing heating. The accuracy of the Slewing Ring Bearing installation directly affects the life and the accuracy of the host. Therefore, if the bearing is installed inaccurately, the accuracy is low, and the bearing is deflected, torque will be generated during rotation, which will cause the bearing to heat up or wear. In addition, bearings increase vibration, noise and temperature.


2. Dust and pollution


In outdoor equipment or environments with average conditions, the entire bearing system will be protected accordingly, but as much as possible to avoid secondary damage from sand or dust. In addition, the outdoors is wet and humid, and the moisture erodes the bearing parts. Moisture mixed with airborne particulate contamination can cause fatal damage to bearings, further reducing machine life


3. Lubrication problem


Lubrication is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the slewing bearing point. Lubrication has an important influence on the fatigue life and friction, wear and vibration of rotary support bearings, and about 40% of bearing damage is related to poor lubrication. The purpose of bearing lubrication is to form an oil film between the bearing rolling surfaces to prevent direct metal-to-metal contact. When the slewing bearing point is poorly lubricated, it is prone to damage and affects the use.


b. Slewing bearing operation is not a flexible solution


1. Temperature control


(1) Pipeline inspection: Check whether the pipeline is blocked, and whether the inlet water temperature and return temperature are exceeded. If the cooler is not properly selected and the cooling effect is not good enough to meet the requirements of use, it should be replaced immediately or a new cooler should be installed side by side. Axial-flow induced draft fans should also check the heat preservation and sealing of the center cylinder.


(2) Correct installation: The centerline of the shaft and the bearing hole must be consistent during installation, because the accuracy of the slewing bearing installation directly affects the life and the accuracy of the host.


2. Clean up in time


For the protection requirements of the swivel bearing, the appropriate protection level must be selected. That is, the protection efficiency can be improved by the protection against the split situation of suspended particles, corrosive particles and conductive particles. To avoid the accumulation of foreign matter on the surface of the slewing bearing, check and remove it regularly to prevent the slewing bearing point from being polluted and affecting the use.


3. Correct lubrication


(1) Select the appropriate oil: clean the bearing housing and bearing during maintenance, check the oil filling pipe, and do not mix other types of oil. When replacing other types of oil, first clean up the original oil.


(2) Adjust the main flow: When supporting the rotating lubricating oil, the bearing box should be regularly refueled according to the work requirements. The right amount of oil can produce a good lubrication effect. Too little or too much lubricating oil will affect the lubrication effect, and in severe cases will also affect the life of the slewing bearing point.


What's the matter with the slewing bearing not running smoothly


The above is the whole content of the unsmooth slewing bearing, the reasons for the unsmooth operation and the solutions summarized by Zhiyuan factory. It is found that the reasons for the unsmooth slewing bearing can be solved by working temperature, dust and impurity pollution, improper lubrication, etc., accurate installation, and timely cleaning. In addition, in the actual operation process, if you have any questions, you can contact the slewing bearing by telephone at any time. We are a professional slewing bearing manufacturer, and we have been deeply involved in the industry for many years and will provide you with more satisfactory answers.