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Why does the slewing bearing break teeth and the solution


The short tooth of the slewing bearing is one of the reasons for the failure of the bearing, which may cause different degrees of problems. If the short tooth appears during use, the bearing running accuracy is serious, which may affect the normal operation of the equipment. So why does the slewing bearing break the tooth? Below we analyze the reasons for broken teeth of slewing bearings from three aspects of production, installation and use, and propose corresponding solutions.


Why does the slewing bearing break teeth and the solution


First, the reason for the broken teeth of the slewing bearing


1. Production


(1) The strength of the materials used in the bearing production process is insufficient or there are a large number of non-metallic inclusions in the metal structure, which will affect the rigidity of the bearing material.


(2) The quenching process of bearing heat treatment can improve the strength, toughness, wear resistance and fatigue strength of the bearing. If the heat treatment process is not good, it may affect the performance of the bearing. For example, if the heating temperature is too high, the carbon concentration of the surface carburized layer is too high. High, the formation of angular block and network carbide structure; and the subsequent quenching heating process temperature is too low, it is not eliminated, resulting in increased surface brittleness of carburized layer, reduce the service life of the gear.


2. Installation


(1) The axes of the gears are not parallel: the large and small gears are poorly meshed after installation, resulting in broken teeth.


(2) Loose bolts: The mounting bolts of the slewing bearing are not fastened firmly, and the large and small gears are poorly meshed, resulting in broken teeth.


(3) Poor meshing: improper adjustment of the backlash of the large and small gears during the bearing installation process, poor running meshing may cause broken teeth.


(4) Meshing clearance adjustment: The meshing clearance adjustment of the tooth jump and the pinion is not carried out according to the requirements, resulting in the pinion and the large gear during the operation.


3. Use


(1) Foreign matter jamming: When the slewing bearing and the pinion are meshed, foreign matter is jammed, resulting in broken teeth.


(2) Abnormal operation: broken teeth caused by violating the relevant operating rules of the equipment, overloading high-speed rotation or the host colliding with obstacles, etc.


The broken teeth of the slewing bearing are irreversible and need to be replaced, so after clearing the reasons for the broken teeth of the slewing bearing, we should summarize the corresponding experience to prevent the occurrence of broken teeth.


Why does the slewing bearing break teeth and the solution


Second, The solution for broken teeth of slewing bearing


1. The selection of bearing materials requires less impurities and high metal content. If the bearing rigidity is required, materials with high rigidity and strength should be selected for manufacture.


2. The processing technology should pay attention to the operation specification and process level of the bearing heat treatment process, and control the heating temperature and heating time.


3. Pay attention to the adjustment of bearing clearance and meshing, ensure that the two gear shafts are parallel to avoid tooth breakage due to poor meshing, and tighten the bolts to avoid loose meshing resulting in poor meshing.


4. Pay attention to the sanitation of the operating environment to avoid dust and foreign matter entering the gear slot and cause jamming or broken teeth. It should be cleaned and checked frequently.


5. Operate according to the requirements of the equipment to avoid overload, impact and other behaviors that have adverse effects on the bearing gear.


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The above is the introduction of the reasons for the broken teeth of the slewing bearing and the solutions. Most of the broken teeth of the slewing bearing have a lot to do with the use method and daily cleaning and maintenance. For this reason, we should do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the slewing bearing, which can extend the The service life of the bearing, while avoiding the occurrence of other bearing failures such as broken teeth. Our Yantai Zhiyuan factory produces Slewing Ring Bearing, turntable bearings, slewing drives and other products. If you have any needs, please feel free to inquire.